Election 2015: Big names who lost out

Former Energy Secretary Ed DaveyFormer Energy Secretary Ed Davey
Former Energy Secretary Ed Davey
Some of the biggest names in British politics are no more.

And perhaps the biggest of all to fall hear in Yorkshire was Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls, who lost the Morley and Outwood seat to Conservative newcomer Andrea Jenkyns.

Across the country, the SNP surge, the return of the Conservative vote and the five-year punishment of the Lib dems have all taken their toll.

Big names to have lost their seat tonight include

Ed Balls - Labour

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The Shadow Chancellor and former Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Family in Gordon Brown’s Government lost his seat to the Conservatives by just 422 votes.

Jim Murphy - Labour

The Scottish Labour leader saw his majority of 10,400 turn into a 3,718 majority for a 20-year-old SNP candidate.

Douglas Alexander - Labour

The architect of the Labour campaign. Previously held his Scottish seat with a majority of 16,600, now it is an SNP strong hold after they won by 5,684 votes

Esther McVey -Conservative

The employment minister lost her seat to Labour’s Margaret Greenwood.

Vince Cable - Lib Dem

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The Business Secretary lost the Twickenham seat he has held since 1997.

Danny Alexander - Liberal Democrat

The Chief Secretary to the Tresury loses to SNP: 18,029 votes to 28,838.

Ed Davey - Lib Dem

The Energy Secretary lost his seat saying the party had “paid some price”.

Simon Hughes - Lib Dem

Former justice minister lost the Bermondsey seat he has held for 32 years.

David Laws- Lib Dem

Education minister, former Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

Charles Kennedy -Lib Dem

Former party leader

Jo Swinson - Lib Dem

Junior Lib Dem minister kicked out in the Scottish swell.

Lynne Featherstone - Lib Dem

In the Home Office for just a few months.

George Galloway - Respect

The controversial leader of the Respect party was ousted from his Bradford West seat, taken by Labour’s Naseem Shah with nearly 20,000 votes.