Grant Shapps rules out energy rationing in the UK

A Cabinet Minister has said that energy will not be rationed in the UK, following reports that some neighbouring countries are considering such measures.

A number of European nations including Germany are said to be considering restrictions due to their dependence on Russian supplies, as the world tries to wean itself off Putin’s energy.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said it is “not the route we want to go down”, after Labour said that the Government should be making such preparations.

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Shadow Business and Energy Secretary Jonathan Reynolds was asked by the BBC this morning whether the UK should be prepared to ration oil and gas, and replied: “We should be making those plans and the Government should be preparing, not necessarily in public, for that situation.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps arriving in Downing Street, London for a Cabinet meeting in March 2021

“There’s a lot of complacency in this country about the relative lower exposure to Russian gas that we have.”

He added: “But we should bear in mind that part of the supply that comes to this country from, for instance, Norway or from the liquefied natural gas that goes into the terminals and wells, that is partly because Russian gas is fulfilling the demands of central Europe.

“I think what the Government should announce is a plan which is not simply shopping from one authoritarian regime to the next for fossil fuels, but that long-term plan on renewables or nuclear and energy efficiency that would make the difference.”

Mr Shapps said rationing will not happen in the UK.

Asked if it is a “good idea” for the UK to look into the idea, he told the broadcaster: “No, I don’t.”

Pressed on whether he can “completely” rule out energy rationing in the UK, he said: “Yes, I can. It’s not the route that we want to go down.”

The Government is expected to unveil its long-term energy strategy this week, having been promised by Boris Johnson several weeks ago following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.