Kate Josephs: Scandal takes bizarre twist as city council retweets critics of chief executive

The Kate Josephs scandal took a bizarre twist when the city council’s Twitter account retweeted posts criticising the chief executive - while another called for a walkout.

@SheffCouncil, which has 114,000 followers, retweeted Laura Steeler who wrote ‘Absolute garbage. As predicted’.

And it ‘retweeted’ ‘Mally’ who said: ‘Ask her for her gardening leave money back, that would be a start.’

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It also appeared to endorse Andy Wroe who posted: ’75 households full year’s council tax money wasted on her six months leave.

The city council's Twitter account retweeted critical comments.The city council's Twitter account retweeted critical comments.
The city council's Twitter account retweeted critical comments.

‘£100,000 that could have gone into making the city a better place. When she comes back make her take a walk up Fargate and see what the city is offering’.

It also shared Rachel Linley’s post demanding a breakdown of how much the investigation cost.

And it retweeted Lee Littlewood who wrote simply: ‘What a shock!’

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There was speculation it was the action of a disgruntled employee. The retweets were later deleted.

Meanwhile, parody account @SCC_Help posted: ‘We’re debating a walk-out on Friday afternoon over this. Are you in? Look me up on the distribution list… TF’. It later disappeared.

The incidents will heap embarrassment on the authority after councillors controversially decided Kate Josephs could return to work.

A spokesperson for Sheffield City Council said: “We are aware of an issue with our Twitter account following the announcement about Kate Josephs. It is too early to confirm the cause of this, and we are investigating as a matter of urgency.”

The ‘SCC Help’ account you reference is fake, it added.

The chief executive admitted attending her own lockdown leaving drinks at the Cabinet Office. She spent nearly six months on paid gardening leave