Local elections 2022: Liberal Democrats win control of Hull Council from Labour as Tories lose only seat

The Liberal Democrats have taken control of Kingston upon Hull city council from Labour - as the city's only Tory councillor lost their seat.

Going into this week's local election vote, Labour narrowly held control of the council with 29 seats, with the Liberal Democrats on 26.

With 19 of the 57 seats on the council up for election this year, by 2.40am this morning the Liberal Democrats had won three seats taking them to 29 and majority control of the council.

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Labour now has 27 seats, winning the Bricknell ward from the only Tory councillor in Hull but down two seats overall.

Ballot boxes are emptied at the Guildhall in Hull as counting begins across the UK for the local government elections.

Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Kramer said she was “obviously delighted” her party had taken control of Hull council.

Lady Kramer told Sky News the party had had “high hopes in Hull”.

She said: “It is a community that in a sense has been taken for granted frankly by both Labour and Conservatives.”

The Lib Dem peer said that “big significant local issues” like the number of GPs locally came up on the doorstep, as well as the cost of living and partygate.

“It is not just partygate, it is everything it stands for, this sort of whole sense of a Government in moral collapse,” Lady Kramer said.

Meanwhile in North East Lincolnshire, the Conservatives retained power - losing one seat in Freshney ward to independent candidate Steve Holland.

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