New Tory MP for Redcar, Jacob Young, to work in old factory job on Christmas Day because he “couldn’t drop the lads in it”

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A newly-elected Conservative MP has revealed he will keep working on Christmas Day with the rest of his factory colleagues because he “couldn’t drop the lads in it”.

Jacob Young, the newly-elected Tory MP for Redcar in the old North Riding of Yorkshire, was sworn in last week after beating Labour's Anna Turley in the December 12 General Election.

Jacob Young, the new Tory MP for Redcar

Jacob Young, the new Tory MP for Redcar

The chemical operator polled 18,811 votes, beating Labour’s Ann Ms Turley into second place with 15,289.

The Brexit-supporting chemical process operator at Wilton said: “I should have been working a three-month notice, but my employer has been really generous and said I can leave any time. “But if I didn’t do Christmas Day it I’d be dropping the lads at work in it

“My last shift is on January 1 – New Year, new me.”

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The Conservative candidate, who has lived on Teesside since birth and studied at Redcar and Cleveland College, TTE in South Bank and Teesside University, previously stood for Redcar MP in the 2015 General Election.

He has told of his joy at being elected and being able to “finally” represent the people of Redcar in voting for a withdrawal agreement to take the UK out of the EU.

“I was always optimistic but never confident,” said Mr Young.

“All the polls, including the exit poll, said it would stay Labour but we were feeling a breakthrough on the ground.

“However it wasn’t until I got to the count and started to see the first stage of the process that I realised we were so close.

“It was a very humbling feeling, watching the results come in, and I was getting flashbacks to four years ago – the first time I stood in Redcar where I had came fourth.

“I’ve lived in Teesside my whole life and I didn’t think change would come so quickly in our area but I’m so pleased has.”