cat suffers
car accident

CHANCELLOR GEORGE Osborne’s pet cat Freya had to be taken to the vet after being injured when she was hit by a car in Whitehall.

But a Downing Street spokeswoman stressed the feline, who went missing earlier this year, was not seriously hurt in the accident on Thursday night.

It is understood Freya was “clipped” at the Ministry of Defence end of the street, but it is not yet clear whose car was involved.

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She had to be taken to the vet, but is recovering and expected to be on her way home soon.

The Chancellor was said to be “grateful” for all those who helped in the wake of the incident and will pay any bills himself.

In May, the cat was chauffeur-driven back home after turning up in Vauxhall where she was found by homelessness outreach worker Kate Jones who identified her from the tag on her collar.