Referendum: Politicians must unite following Brexit vote warns chief Leave campaigner

LABOUR's chief leave campaigner Gisela Stuart has called on politicians to unite around Brexit.

Gisela Stuart speaks to the press ahead of the announcement of the national result of the EU Referendum at Manchester Town Hall. Picture: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

The German-born MP said the result in favour of leaving the EU is a symbol of a “functioning liberal democracy.

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Addressing supporters at Manchester Town Hall, the place where the national EU referendum result will be released later this morning, Ms Stuart MP said: “Thirty-three million people went to the ballot box and they made an impactful decision.

“They reflect on our 40 year history of the European Union and by a majority they have decided to leave. I think that is democracy at work.”

She said all parties would now have to reflect on whether they have accurately gauged what really matters to voters.

Speaking in German for a portion of her speech she said all political parties must now work together and take responsibility to act in the best long term interests of Britain.

The MP who has represented Birmingham Edgbaston since 1997, said: “Functioning liberal democracies are strong whatever happens.

It is now incumbent on us as politicians to start a responsible process with our neighbours. But I also said a little bit of German there to say we are a welcoming society.”

She added that the vote signals Britain simply wants to change the way it is governed.