Sign thanking Armed Forces for their service during pandemic put up by council in East Yorkshire

East Riding Council has put up a new sign in Leconfield praising Armed Forces personnel for their efforts during the coronavirus pandemic.

The sign in Leconfield

Council workers installed the sign at the village’s Driffield roundabout close to the Normandy Barracks which is home to the Defence School of Transport (DST) last week.

It reads: “Thank you to our Armed Forces” and features the shared flag and crest of the Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

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An East Riding Council spokesperson said the “uplifting” message was put at the roundabout so it would be visible to service personnel based in Leconfield.

The council’s armed forces champion member Cllr David Elvidge said military personnel had helped set up Nightingale hospitals, run coronavirus testing and vaccine sites while giving the NHS logistical support.

Coun Elvidge said: “I am delighted to see the sign acknowledging the outstanding support given by our Armed Forces during the pandemic.

“I can therefore think of no better place for it to be than near the DST which trains members of the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force in all aspects of logistics.”

Defence School of Transport Chief of Staff Lieutenant Colonel Ben Aumônier RLC said: “This sign is a heart-warming expression of the East Riding community’s appreciation for all of our service personnel, those of us from DST will regularly be reminded of this as we drive past.

“The soldiers, sailors and airstaff in training and those on the staff here, as well as our many equally vital civilian instructors and support staff, rely on the understanding, good will and support of our neighbours and community to do our work.”