Ukip MEP under scrutiny over wind farm plan

Lord William DartmouthLord William Dartmouth
Lord William Dartmouth
UK INDEPENDENCE Party deputy chairman Lord Dartmouth's role in a deal over the construction of wind turbines in West Yorkshire has come under fresh scrutiny.

The Valley Wind Co-operative has told the BBC it held discussions with Lord Dartmouth over the proposal in 2006.

The assertion appears to contradict Lord Dartmouth’s answer in a 2014 television interview when he denied previous knowledge of plans to use land at Slaithwaite for wind turbines.

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Lord Dartmouth’s office did not respond to requests to comment yesterday.

Ukip opposes onshore wind farm development.

The Yorkshire Post reported in 2014 that Lord Dartmouth’s name had appeared on a planning application for wind turbines as someone with interest in the land at Slaithwaite.

However, he insisted the land was owned by a relative and an adjacent area that he did own was included in the application by mistake.

“This strip of land would not be involved in the wind turbine application in any shape or form.” he said at the time.

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He later indicated that he would be lodging an objection to the wind farm proposal and was “fully committed to UKIP’s policy of opposing wind turbine development both onshore and offshore.”

The Earl of Dartmouth sat in the House of Lords until reforms led to the departure of most hereditary peers.

Also known as William Legge, he styles himself as William Dartmouth in his current role as Ukip MEP for the South West and Gibraltar.

The proposal for three wind turbines at Slaithwaite was the subject of vociferous opposition and the proposals were eventually withdrawn in 2015.