‘Want another?’, Cameron’s baby question

David Cameron and wife Samantha have met their first baby of the election campaign - and shared memories of sleepless nights with their own children.

Prime minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha meet first time home buyer Robert Arron (left) and his son Finlay.

The couple chatted with plasterer Robert Arron, his partner Kelly Jeffers and their two youngsters on a visit to a housing development in Chorley, Lancashire.

As Mrs Cameron cuddled seven-week-old Regan, the Prime Minister joked that she looked “broody”, adding. “Want another one?”

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The Camerons - who have had four children, including severely disabled Ivan who died in 2009 - sympathised with the young couple about the pressure parenthood puts on sleep.

After Ms Jeffers said she was nervous that their new daughter would be a worse sleeper than two-year-old Finlay, Mrs Cameron reassured her: “I thought that with my fourth, actually, I thought there was no way we were going to be lucky again. And she was fine.”

Mr Cameron interjected: “Our girls have been better sleepers than the boys.”

His wife said their son Arthur Elwyn always used to get into bed with them.

“We were such heavy sleepers that we wouldn’t even notice,” Mrs Cameron said.

Asked about his “broody” quip afterwards, the Tory leader was quick to quash the idea of having a fifth child.

“Whenever I see a small baby I feel broody, but don’t worry - there’s nothing going to happen on that front,” he said.

Mr Arron and Ms Jeffers have used the Government’s Help to Buy scheme, which underwrites deposits, to purchase a four-bedroom house off-plan on a new estate in Chorley.

Mr Cameron was one of several party leaders campaigning in the North West following the televised debates.