Yorkshire Brexit Party candidate brands Nigel Farage a 'dictator' and an ‘out-and-out b***ard' in 2016 tweet

A European election candidate for the Brexit Party in Yorkshire and the Humber referred to his party leader Nigel Farage as an “out-and-out b***ard” in a 2016 tweet, The Yorkshire Post can reveal.

Andrew Allison is the Brexit Party's candidate for the European elections in Yorkshire and the Humber. Credit: Facebook

In a now-deleted post, Andrew Allison lashed out at Mr Farage after a bitter internal Ukip row led to the suspension of the party’s high-profile spokeswoman, Suzanne Evans.

In the outburst, he also accused the ex-Ukip leader of running the party like a "dictatorship".

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In the wake of the showdown, Mr Allison tweeted: “The suspension of @SuzanneEvans1 highlights what an out-and-out bastard @NigelFarage is.

“@Ukip is a Farage dictatorship - not democratic.”

Mr Allison announced his candidature for the Brexit Party last month, tweeting: “I am honoured to be a @brexitparty_uk candidate for Yorkshire and the Humber in the forthcoming European Parliament elections.

“I obviously wish we had already left the EU and that these elections were not taking part, but I am very much looking forward to the campaign.”

The party has not released a manifesto, however, previous online articles by Mr Allison lay bare some of his political leanings.

On a blog entitled ‘The Freedom Association’ Mr Allison called for politicians to consider “alternatives” to the NHS.

He wrote: “I’m all in favour of a National Healthcare System; that NHS sounds fine with me.

“But the current NHS is an outdated system that will collapse given time. It is time for politicians to be open minded and look at the alternatives.”

And on the gender pay gap he said: “Theresa May should be concentrating on the real problems facing this country rather than fabricating problems that largely don't exist.”

Mr Allison is one of six candidates that will stand for the Brexit Party in Yorkshire and the Humber, with John Longworth, Lucy Harris, Jake Pugh, James Heartfield and Christopher Barker also on the ticket.

The party has been contacted for comment over Mr Allison’s social media posts.