Yorkshire council claims iPad move will save cash

EVERY member of a North Yorkshire district council will be given an iPad in a move it claims will save thousands of pounds every year.

Councillors are to be given iPads

Richmondshire Council is equipping every councillor with one of the tablet devices as it becomes a ‘paperless’ authority.

It will end the printing and distrubution of council agendas with all documents made available electronically.

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Council leader Yvonne Peacock said: “These changes mean we can make on-going efficiency savings through the reduction in the need for laptops and the hardware that go with them – as well as saving costs from printing.

“And ipads give us the flexibility to access our emails, committee papers and other information from anywhere with a wireless connection – as well as using them at meetings.”

“We expect savings off around £20,000 a year through this system.

“And with the cost of replacing an ipad considerably less than replacing a laptop this saving will only get greater.

“It forms part of our four year financial strategy to deliver savings, balance the budget and keep council tax low.”

The decision follows a trial involving six council members.