Yorkshire jobs outlook lags behind capital as new spending cuts loom

YORKSHIRE EMPLOYERS are among the most pessimistic in the country over job prospects, according to a new survey.

A new survey looks at job prospects in Yorkshire
A new survey looks at job prospects in Yorkshire

The research suggests the Government’s commitment to spending cuts is leading public sector employers to be more cautious over taking people on.

It also found a “marked divide between job prospects across the north and those in London”.

Recruitment firm Manpower, which carried out the survey, said the results suggested the Government’s plans to create a ‘northern powerhouse’ that can rebalance the UK economy “have so far failed to ignite”.

The East of the country emerges as the most upbeat on job growth.

Paula Sherriff, the Labour MP for Dewsbury, said: “These figures show that there is still a two-paced economic recovery in Britain, meaning the north-south divide is continuing to widen. Yorkshire needs an ambitious approach from government, but all we get from the Tories are broken promises and empty rhetoric.

“It is hardly surprising that the level of public sector cuts in our region is hampering our economy, when we have been hit so much harder than more affluent parts of the country.

“David Cameron and George Osborne made some big promises to Yorkshire in the election campaign – it’s about time they started delivering.”