Yorkshire MP hits out at Italy captain Giorgio Chiellini over Saka grab during Euro 2020 final

A Yorkshire Tory MP has challenged Italy captain Giorgio Chiellini over his yellow card foul on the England star Bukayo Saka in the Euro 2020 final.

Italy captain Giorgio Chiellini was booked for his grab on Saka during the Euro 2020 final

Redcar MP Jacob Young responded to a tweet by the Azzurri skipper, in which Chiellini posted a photo of the Euro 2020 trophy on his bed saying he was following the tradition of sleeping with it.

Mr Young, 28, replied with a photo of the Italian captain yanking Saka back by his shirt collar during the match at Wembley, and saying: “Anche questa e una tradizione?”, meaning: “Is this also a tradition?”

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Chiellini’s triumphant post referred back to his predecessor Fabio Cannavaro sleeping with the World Cup when Italy won in 2006.

The image has been liked almost 900,000 times on Instagram.

The Italian captain’s yellow card foul on Saka during extra time after the 19-year-old had skipped past him has been called cynical by some fans, with many England supporters saying it deserved a red card.