Yorkshire MP suggests fireworks being used as signal for 'drugs drop'

Fireworks are being used to send a signal that “drugs [are] being dropped” a Yorkshire MP has claimed.

Conservative MP for Keighley Robbie Moore

Robbie Moore, the MP for Keighley asked Ministers to lead discussions on how local forces can prevent the anti-social behaviour, but Commons Leader Jacob Rees Mogg said he was “unsympathetic” and called the colourful explosions “a little bit of harmless fun”.

Speaking in the House of Commons this afternoon, Conservative Mr Moore said constituents are having to suffer the loud bangs late at night, and as Guy Fawkes Night approaches, asked for a debate on the issue.

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He told colleagues: “Although Bonfire Night is fast approaching, many of my constituents are plagued by fireworks being let off for all hours of the night throughout the calendar year.

“I have even had it reiterated to me that this is often used as a signal for drugs being dropped.

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“May we have an urgent debate in Government time to discuss the licensing provisions around the sale of fireworks and have a frank discussion around how local enforcement can clamp down on this anti-social behaviour?”

Responding, Mr Rees-Mogg said that “people enjoy” fireworks and reiterated his belie

“Unfortunately, I am going to find myself in disagreement with him,” he told the Commons.

“I think fireworks are a little bit of harmless fun, people enjoy them and we shouldn’t take every enjoyment out of people’s lives with endless licensing and regulations.

“On this side of the House we are meant to be cautious about excessive regulation and power to more bureaucracy.

“I am afraid I am unsympathetic to his request.”