YP Letters: City deals will leave region weak and divided

From: John P Hall, Harrogate.

I WAS most surprised at the about-turn by Harrogate Council leader Richard Cooper who was one of many council leaders to pledge support for a One Yorkshire devolution plan.

Instead he is caving in to bullying from London which doesn’t want the One Yorkshire deal, preferring instead 
to see splintered, weak 
city deals.

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I strongly believe that 
these city deals would be the worst possible outcome; Yorkshire will be stronger 
and much more effective standing together.

Yorkshire, with around 
5.4 million people and an economy twice the size of that of Wales, can be a serious economic power.

If Yorkshire is divided, then our powers will be derisory.

A One Yorkshire deal will benefit all the region’s large towns and cities, but also be mindful of the smaller towns in the countryside that must not be left without a voice.

Yorkshire has fallen well behind economically.

We must now engage 
the people of Yorkshire 
in this debate, who so far 
have had no opportunity 
to express their views, 
in order to seize the 
initiative and move 
forward as a one united Yorkshire.