YP Letters: Comparisons between Trump win and Brexit are facile

From: Don Burslam, Elm Road, Dewsbury Moor, Dewsbury.

Are there links between Brexit and Donald Trump's election?

THE attempt to draw a close parallel between Brexit and the election of Mr Trump is facile, tenuous and superficial.

The former result was based on untruths peddled by the anti-Europe brigade whereas the latter outcome was achieved by crude demagoguery, ably assisted by the media and the FBI.

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There is another difference, the US and the world are stuck with Mr Trump for at least four years whereas there is plenty of scope to limit the damage to our trading relations with Europe as well as other issues vital to the future well being of this country.

From: Phil Hanson, Beechmount Close, Baildon.

MAY I congratulate you for the article by sage and former MP Austin Mitchell (The Yorkshire Post, November 19). What a brilliant summing up of the Brexit situation. It would do many people a deal of good to read this and better understand the situation. Austin puts the process in perspective in a way that is understandable. It is time for a return to television where his straight talking would be a refreshing change, especially at the left wing-driven BBC!

From: David Craggs, Shafton Gate, Rotherham.

SO, Austin Mitchell thinks both sides in the argument should shut up and let the Government do its best. But what if ‘its best’ is not good enough for Britain and its people? Do we grin and bear something second rate? Is that really what the Brexiteers voted for in the EU referendum?

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

APPARENTLY Tony Blair thinks he is some sort of God-like saviour of the British public over Brexit. We would need a God to save us if he returned to politics.

From: Peter Hyde, Driffield.

NOT one MP expected the public to vote to leave the EU. As a result, nobody had a plan on how to do it. The sad part is they still don’t know what to do. There must be a Conservative MP with the brains to cobble together a plan? If not, the ‘remoaners’ will be the winners after all.

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

IS it only me that would like Philip Hammond to have a more understanding of what the Brexit vote was, namely an end to free movement of people across Europe?