YP Letters: Disgraceful council's disabled transport folly

From: DS Boyes, Upper Rodley Lane, Leeds.

Public transport in Leeds has come under fire from DS Boyes. Do you agree with his criticisms?

I WAS sickened by reports that Leeds City Council intends to withdraw previously free provision of transport from home to school and return for disabled children over age 15, with some kind of voucher or pass to use on public transport by themselves!

Any parent of a child with learning difficulties, or other disability, knows – by definition – this is entirely impractical.

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One of the best specialist schools for disabled children in Leeds is at Boston Spa. How on earth could any disabled child make their own way there from any district of Leeds by public transport?

It’s an impossibility.

The paltry savings mentioned are a drop in the ocean against the overall Leeds Council budget and only a minute fraction of the many millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money thrown away in so many ways by the incompetence and profligacy
of the powers-at-be at Civic Hall.

These include, of course, Supertram, NGT trolleybus and loans to property developers that have not been repaid.

The administration of Leeds City Council is a disgrace.