YP Letters: Dualling A64 would bring only more noise and pollution

From: John G Davies, Alma Terrace, East Morton, Keighley.

Should the whole of the A64 be dualled between York and Scarborough?
Should the whole of the A64 be dualled between York and Scarborough?

ANDREW Vine’s suggestion of converting the A64 into a dual carriageway road for its entire length from York to Scarborough (The Yorkshire Post, April 11) would be self-defeating and have some negative consequences.

Worldwide experience has shown that widening roads only attracts more traffic without solving the traffic jam problem.

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The M6 can be a nightmare. More traffic would increase noise, pollution and need more parking spaces. The environmental consequences of wider roads and more car parks include increased rainwater run-off that will further tax our overloaded drainage system.

Currently, the Coastliner bus can take him from Leeds to Scarborough stress-free in three hours, matching his worst case experience.

Or if he is in a rush, the train only takes 90 minutes.

For the sake of the environment, our health and quality of life, we must wean ourselves off the motor car.

From: Bob Watson, Springfield Road, Baildon.

THE Manchester Metrolink tram network is now 25 years old. In that time it has grown from 31km to more than three times that size, with a fleet of 120 trams.

We also hear of the tram network in the West Midlands, covering Birmingham and Wolverhampton, which is planned to triple in size over the next decade.

And where does Leeds stand in all this? Nowhere. What hopeless leadership that city seems to have. Perhaps it is time for its inept councillors and officers to go now, and let better people take over the reins?

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

I SAW a wonderful sight the other morning as I was travelling into Leeds on the bus. A council van had stopped at one of the bus stops on the way and a man was cleaning the windows of the bus stop. Wouldn’t it be lovely if he could have expended his energy on cleaning the bus windows so we could have seen where we were going?

From: Don Webb, Rothwell.

I HAVE read much correspondence regarding vehicles parking on pavements.

Those who leave space for one wheelchair to pass seem to forget that wheelchairs are not programmed to follow each other and sometimes meet going in opposite directions, so space for two wheelchairs to pass each other safely is the minimum space required.