YP Letters: Educated elite failed nation over EU vote

From: David Downs, Sandal, Wakefield.

The EU continues to polarise opinion.

THE arrogance of John Kellett, as exhibited in his letter (The Yorkshire Post, June 28) suggesting, that the so called well-educated and caring citizens and very successful communities of Harrogate, Leeds and York, are of superior intelligence and more able to reach considered opinions than the communities who voted to leave the EU, is the reason as to why we are now in the current political shambles.

Let me remind him that it was an Eton-educated Prime Minister, who was so afraid of losing the last general election due to the influence of Ukip, in an endeavour to protect his own political party and career, who stupidly offered the referendum in the first place.

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The country’s majority decision to withdraw from the EU says so much about the Mr Kellett’s university communities, in that, they are so caring and well-educated that they could not convince the general population of the benefits of staying in the EU; and there were many such benefits.

From: KE Nichols, Harrogate.

THE result of the referendum has exposed the extent of the emasculation by the EU of all who came in touch with the organisation.

A team must be set to work as soon as possible who, preferably, are not encumbered by the suppression of democracy, initiative, leadership and decision making.

It is astonishing, beyond belief, it would seem that Brexit made no plans in the event that the result would go their way.

From the money (gross) we have been told is sent to Brussels the rebate should be deducted with immediate effect.

This is not “EU money”. It should be distributed immediately to our farmers (CAP), our fishermen (CFP), hospitals and schools (no more PFI), and medical sciences.

David Cameron engineered his own downfall. Timidly he asked the EU for very, very little and returned to London in February with nothing. This is evidence that the EU is not for renegotiation. In my opinion, Mr Cameron should have remained independent and impartial throughout.

From: Coun Jenny Brooks, Osbaldwick and Derwent Ward, City of York Council.

RATHER than talk down the outcome with dire hand-wringing and talk of economic and national collapse, or speculate that the result can somehow be overturned, we need to proceed with confidence in our country as one of the most successful economies in the world and to plan to negotiate an outcome with the EU that is fair and which will benefit both sides. That will ensure the best chance of a stable and prosperous future for us all.

From: Andrew Crabtree, Kendal Road, Hellifield.

GRANT Woodward may well be right in saying that a greater proportion of “Baby Boomers” voted to leave the EU, than the average for all age groups but, as someone from this maligned age group who voted “Remain”, I take exception to his lumping of us all together (The Yorkshire Post, June 29).

While “Leave” had a broad base of support from people who wanted to cut immigration, it should have been more than cancelled out by those realising the likely economic impact of leaving. The tabloids played a huge part in swaying waverers, by branding realistic economic forecasts as “scare-mongering”.

From: Tim Smith, Helmsley.

I READ both Opinion articles (The Yorkshire Post, June 29) with interest and was struck by the balanced view of Hilary Andrews unlike that by Grant Woodward. It was, by contrast, another bad tempered“I can’t believe that Brexit won” diatribe.

From: JC Penn, Hedon, Hull.

WHAT a strange political time we are going through! We have Boris Johnson telling us to come out of Europe, Alan Johnson telling us to stay in. Boris should remember the words of Samuel Johnson. Patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel!

From: Don Burslam, Dewsbury.

LIKE everyone else, I have no idea how to pick up the pieces from this disaster. We survived two ruinous World Wars so we will survive this but these events are bad for the country economically and politically. I fear many have been conned by a highly unscrupulous campaign financed by some shadowy figures with dubious motives.

From: Shirley Watkins, Luddendenfoot, Halifax.

COULD our brainy, educated politicians consider an alternative to the constant bickering, putting each other down, always bringing up the past wrongs and decisions that each party has made and make a unanimous decision for the good of our country, by working together? I am talking about a ‘coalition’ of all parties.

From: Molly Preston, Austwick.

HAVE I missed something or is that nothing seems to have been said about the possibility that a work permit be introduced in this country to control the entrance of immigrants?

My daughter worked in Switzerland some years ago. She had a job to go, but needed a work permit allowing her to work in the country for six months only.

This scheme would allow farmers etc the possibility of seasonal labour without immigrants needing permanent residence.

From: Peter Day, Shephards Close, Denaby, Doncaster.

MANY people are still asking, why out? Well, I think that many people who were not racist, began to become more racist, due to being falsely called racist as Europhiles have done to them for years.

From: David EJ Anderson, Elm Street, Dundee.

I FEEL there should be a swift new referendum based solely on the question of whether Article 50 should be activated, or not.