YP Letters: Fact that undermines case for People's Vote on Brexit

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn Road, Hedon, East Yorkshire.

Did politicians like Boris Johnson mislead voters in the election?

YOUR correspondent Coun Kevin Warnes (The Yorkshire Post, October 26) recounted how “Tory MP Sarah Wollaston perfectly summed up many of the arguments for a People’s Vote (on Brexit) by noting that, had you given permission for 
an operation two years ago but were now being offered a substantially changed version from the original plan, the original consent would not 

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Perhaps Coun Warnes – or Sarah Wollaston – would like to explain precisely what the original plan was that she believes has been “substantially changed”?

Because as I remember it, we were simply asked to vote ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’: beyond that, I don’t recall being asked to vote on any ‘plan’ at all.

And if no plan existed to begin with, I really cannot see how anyone is able to argue that it has changed.

From: Barrie Crowther, Walton, Wakefield.

ANYONE who thinks the EU has, and will be good, for this country needs to read Bill Carmichael’s article (The Yorkshire Post, October 26) on the bullying of Italy. A true representation of unelected bureaucratic bullying is there.