YP Letters: Forget Project Fear and May's deal - we just want out

From: Terry Wright, Bempton Lane, Flamborough.

What now for Brexit?

WHAT an interesting and honest analysis of the Brexit referendum by Bill Carmichael (The Yorkshire Post, November 30).

Bank of England governor Mark Carney and others like him have been proved to be totally wrong with their programme of fear. Remember the claims of house prices falling by 30 per cent, interest rates sky-high, industry on its knees, no jobs, no planes taking off from the UK? The list goes on and on.

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Yet we have the highest rates of employment ever. Maybe it is time Mr Carney moved on.

The deal that the PM has come up with is irrelevant to the argument. The Remainers are out of order. The EU has no accountability. We voted out so let’s get on with it.

From: Keith Jowett, Silkstone Common, Barnsley.

I HAVE never before been prompted to write a political letter to The Yorkshire Post. However, the antics of the leaders of our two largest parties have prompted a reaction.

Here we are facing the most important political decision in my lifetime and our glorious leaders cannot agree on which TV channel should show their debate. That they should cite a possible clash with their favourite reality programme beggars belief. For the future of our nation, grow up!

From: Janet Berry, Hambleton.

HOW on earth are we expected to make an informed decision when we are given different advice from the Bank of England, politicians and businessmen?

What a terrible mess this Government has made of leaving the EU.

No one seems to have the slightest idea how to negotiate. The last thing you do is offer £39bn before a strategy has been made.

From: Granville Stockdale, Hardwick Street, Hull.

NOTING the predictions about the expected performance of the economy subsequent to the referendum – which were wrong – I have come to a conclusion. To paraphrase “there are lies, damned lies, and... economists”.

From: John Van der Gucht, Cross Hills, North Yorkshire.

WHAT will happen if we crash out of the EU? Will companies like Nissan stay? What about our automotive industry and livestock farmers? I have voted in every general election since 1967. How many Brexiteers who voted to leave, and lay claim to democracy, have done so?