YP Letters: If Labour rejects Brexit then it has betrayed working people

From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield.

is Jeremy Corbyn guilty of hypocrisy over Brexit?

THE Labour Party’s leaders have shown themselves up to be such hypocrites (The Yorkshire Post, September 26).

They are supposed to be for the working man and woman of this country of ours. Yet they are going to reject everything that those very people have voted for regarding Brexit. How can that be?

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It shows that they have absolutely no regard for the views of the hard-working population, or for the rule of law. They want another vote, for the benefit of themselves.

The vote was to leave, and the wise elders (who have lived and learned) know what this means because they have experienced it before we were surreptitiously taken into the then EEC, the precursor to European Union.

Young people (who have not yet had enough time to live and learn, as their elders have) have no experience of living in an independent nation and what that means to its citizens.

We value our oneness, we do not take kindly to be taken over be any other power in any way whatsoever. Our country needs us at this critical time, just as it did during the two world wars, and it deserves better than it is getting from our politicians.

Bring on a Donald Trump-type leader, or someone who puts this country first. Only then can we think about others.

From: John Roberts, St John’s Court, Wakefield.

HERE is a general knowledge question, aimed particularly at younger supporters of Jeremy Corbyn.

Which Parliamentary MP has asked more questions in Parliament critical of the EU (as did his mentor, a certain Tony Benn) than any other?

I believe, and Hansard facts might well prove it, that it was Jeremy Corbyn MP. His predecessors include the excellent South Leeds MP Hugh Gaitskell (who died tragically), a very different creature from JC.

A little more candour from the current Labour Party would be appreciated, please.

From: John Turley, Dronfield Woodhouse.

CORRESPONDENTS like Arthur Quarmby (The Yorkshire Post, September 20) should realise that Britain’s future with the EU should be based upon what is best for the country as a whole, and not trying to re-run the 1914-18 and 1939-45 wars.

It is no wonder that the younger generation, such as Callum Hawthorne (The Yorkshire Post, September 18), feel angry that their future prospects are being diminished.