YP Letters: If parents can be fined, why not heads?

From: John Burrill, Oakridge Court, Bingley.

Did headteachers have the right to march on Parliament and 10 Downing Street?

COULD someone please explain why parents are fined for taking their children out of school during term time but thousands of head teachers can take a day off (The Yorkshire Post, September 29) to march to Westminster?

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Did they have permission from their employers? Did they still get paid for the day off?

Did headteachers set a good example with their Westminster protest?

Did they claim expenses from their schools for travel?

From: Elisabeth Baker, Leeds.

I WAS dismayed to see the photograph (The Yorkshire Post, September 29) of headteacher Helen Longton-Howorth taking part in a demonstration in Parliament Square and carrying a placard saying “Straight Outta Funding”.

Is it any wonder that pupils are leaving school with no idea of grammar and unable to spell?

No love for royal window

From: Christine McDade, Morton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire.

THANK you David Behrens for putting into words (The Yorkshire Post, September 29) my feelings on the David Hockney window in Westminster Abbey. It no way represents the reign of our wonderful Queen Elizabeth II.

I think that it is a self-indulgent piece of art from a British artist who lives in California. I have admired Hockney’s earlier work and some of his East Yorkshire scenes.

Also I admire the Matisse works described, plus those of Chagall, but I shall not be rushing to see this latest offering.

From: Mary Tyler, Highland Close, Pontefract.

CONGRATULATIONS to your columnist David Behrens for having the courage to put into print what many people must be feeling about David Hockney’s stained glass window.

His article summed up my feelings exactly and I suspect those of many others, and it’s just a pity that the people who commissioned – and then sanctioned – this installation were not brave enough to call a halt before it was too late.

This is an insult to the people of Yorkshire and to Her Majesty.

Anger over rail strikes

From: Hilary Andrews, Nursery Lane, Leeds.

NOW that the RMT union has failed to blackmail rail operator Northern into giving them what they want by using a series of Saturday strikes, they are turning to “Project Fear” claiming an increase in criminality on the network (The Yorkshire Post, Septemmber 29).

Their strike tactics inconvenienced the public trying to get to seasonal festivals and shows, and resulted in thousands of pounds being lost to the economy as well as weekend workers losing their jobs.

The travelling public will not be deceived by false figures. Come to your senses, RMT, and get a sensible solution.

From: Jarvis Browning, Main Street, Fadmoor, York.

NO guards! What if the driver has a heart attack? Who will inform the signalman, to stop the next train running into the back of the train? Who would be able to lay the detonators on the line? Who would be able to open the doors and see everybody out?

A driver won’t be able to put a fire out, or assist if a passenger has a heart attack, until the next stop – if there is anybody at the next station! I hope common sense will prevail.

Dogs bring joy to mealtimes

From: Jane Burniston, Harrogate.

YOUR correspondent J Thornton (The Yorkshire Post, September 27) rejoices that the Wetherspoon pub chain is banning dogs from all its premises.

The other day, I rang my local village pub to book a table for Sunday lunch in the bar or snug where they allow dogs.

I was told that they had lots of dogs and owners booked in but they could offer me a table in the restaurant (where dogs are not allowed).

Thank goodness that not everyone is so intolerant of creatures who bring joy and company to many and have lived and eaten with humans for thousands of years!

Costly HS2 gravy train

From: Stanley Hardy, Leeds.

YOUR readers may wish to know that their hard-earned taxes are again being “wisely” spent.

HS2 Ltd, the company spending millions of pounds on an, as yet, non-existent railway is advertising for three non-executive directors to join its board, who are each to be paid £950 per day (Ted Bromund, The Yorkshire Post, October 1).

HS2 is creating jobs as promised, but not in the North and not of the kind needed!

Beckham’s own goal

From: Trevor Stones, Post Office Row, Rawcliffe.

ONCE again the former footballer David Beckham (The Yorkshire Post, September 28) has publicly reminded us that he doesn’t recognise society’s rules, believing as he so obviously does that they are there to circumscribe only the peons and not the entitled elite.

Hopefully though, in so doing, he has hammered the final nail in the coffin containing his desperately desired knighthood!

Out of tune

From: David Owen, Eldwick.

DO any of your readers know the second verse of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”? Not that I wish to sing along.