YP Letters: Let's abandon EU shackles and revive our trading tradition

From: Cyril Olsen, Sheffield.

What is the current direction of Brexit?

SOME 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU – hopefully with a clean break and the minimum of red tape. This democratic wish has now degenerated into what has transpired under Theresa May’s watch.

If she cannot negotiate a new deal – and the EU has already said the current draft agreement is not re-negotiable – we should leave without a deal, save our £39bn, regain our freedom from EU shackles and forge new trading partnerships with the rest of the world.This is something we have done for centuries as a trading nation – unlike many of our EU partners.

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Leaving the EU does not mean leaving Europe – we can continue to trade with each other as individual nations if they wish to do so. I suggest that it is in everyone’s best interest for this to happen.

From: Barry Geldard, Hebden Bridge.

A NEWLY-ELECTED MP sitting beside Winston Churchill reportedly turned to the former Prime Minister, nodded to the Opposition benches and said to the great man: “So there sits the enemy.”

To which Churchill replied: “No son, that’s the Opposition.” He then pointed to the benches behind and said: “That is the enemy.”

The present day Theresa May would readily concur.

From: Judy Goodwin, Altofts.

DOES anyone really think that 
we are going to run out of medicines because we leave the EU? Come hell or high water, the drug companies will break their necks to make sure we continue to receive all the drugs we require.

The NHS is their best and most stupid customer – who else would pay £6 for a dozen paracetamol or £1,000 for a £40 tub of cream? The NHS is the gift that keeps on giving to these companies.

From: Henry Cobden, Ilkley.

IF Jeremy Corbyn cannot decide how to table a vote of no confidence in the Government, why should we trust him, and his party, with the Brexit negotiations? He makes Theresa May look like the politician of the year.

From: Brian Clayton, Bracken Road, Brighouse.

I FREQUENTLY disagree with Jayne Dowle, but her piece (The Yorkshire Post, December 13) on the mindset of MPs who are elected to represent all was spot on. Brilliant, well done.