YP Letters: '˜Remoaners' must accept democracy

From: Bryan Burgess, Birch Drive, Willerby, Hull.
Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg believes farmers could be hit by huge tariffs for exports in the event of a 'hard Brexit'.Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg believes farmers could be hit by huge tariffs for exports in the event of a 'hard Brexit'.
Former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg believes farmers could be hit by huge tariffs for exports in the event of a 'hard Brexit'.

THE Remoaners are at it again – they just don’t get it, do they? Brexit means Brexit, but they want to hold another referendum to get the “right” result – just like Ireland and Denmark.

The voters voted for ‘hard’ Brexit which means an end to mass migration and control of our borders. But some MPs want to shackle Theresa May’s hands by insisting they scrutinise the strategy and tactics of the negotiations by Parliament.

They say it’s what our democracy rests on. No it’s not.

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What our democracy rests on is that politicians act upon the views exercised by the people. If they get their way, Theresa May will go into the discussions with the EU with one hand tied behind her back because the EU will be aware of our position. I think these politicians should remember that they do not rule by divine right, but by the will of the people.

They are already blaming the fall of the pound, (which will of course benefit our exports), on Brexit.

This is ridiculous. Pundits will tell you that sterling has been overpriced for some time now and the pound would have fallen at some time in the near future due to the enormous 
state debt, enormous private debt and a devastating current account deficit, plus all the ‘funny money’ pumped into the economy known as quantitative easing, which is backed by nothing. Do you wonder the pound fell?

Of course they will blame the rise in the rate of inflation from 0.6 to 1.0 per cent (after four months) on Brexit but I seem to remember that, at one time in the past when we had a Labour government, the rate of inflation was in excess 20 per cent – and we were in the EEC at that time! But to offset the current rise in inflation, wages have risen by two per cent. Is Brexit to blame for that too?

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I’m prepared to pay a bit more for my foreign holiday (my last holiday was in Scarborough) and for my petrol – it will be worth it when we govern ourselves again. We have the chance now of putting the “great” back into Great Britain.

From: D Wood, Howden.

IT is now reported that political non-entities Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband are leading a band of anti-democratic politicians that includes the clueless George Osborne and the totally useless Ken Clarke, plus the equally useless and self-seeking Neil Kinnock, Peter Mandelson and Paddy Ashdown, in an attempt to stop or reverse this country’s democratic decision to leave the German dictatorship known as the EU.

This shows their total disregard for democracy and their complete disdain for the voting public. It also shows how out of touch with the real world this group of political pygmies really are, and is in fact an admission on their part that they would be unable to govern this country without Angela Merkel via the EU telling them what to do.

From: Phyllis Capstick, Hellifield, Skipton.

BECAUSE the hard-working people of this country have voted to leave the European Union, the greed element in our society are trying their best to get the democratic decision overturned. We must not let corruption and greed triumph over honesty and hard work.

Deafened by the silence

From: John Martin, Westfield Close, Hotham, York.

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AM I the only person who has been “deafened” by the sudden silence in the media since the “not guilty” verdict on footballer Ched Evans?

I have scanned The Yorkshire Post looking for all the apologies and retractions from the likes of Jessica Ennis-Hill, all the “non celebrities” and weary “low grade” politicians etc, but not a peep.

Not even an editorial comment from your paper.

I seem to remember spiteful articles appearing on a regular basis after he tried to resume his career with Sheffield United after serving time in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Like many I have spoken to of late, I find that this paper is tending to lean more to the “non stories” rather than concentrate on covering the more important investigative type of reporting.

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For instance in The Yorkshire Post, October 18, I learned that Phil Collins was on the “comeback trail”, Ed Balls had been recognised as a “dancer”, Ben Affleck was starring in a new film and some Bake Off star was going to tour Europe on a motorbike! Riveting stuff!

I would add that I still do purchase The Yorkshire Post due mainly to the sensible and factual articles written by Tom Richmond and Bill Carmichael.

Spineless Government

From: John Howe, Ascough Wynd, Bedale.

WITH regard to the article ‘Soldiers jailed in India must start again’ (The Yorkshire Post, October 20), is this Government totally spineless?

We should withold cash aid forthwith (why we are providing it to a country with its own space probes is a mystery) and, perhaps more damaging to India, with the co-operation of the ECB, refuse to take part in any further cricket with them. Some hope!

Now for new Royal Yacht

From: Arthur Quarmby, Underhill, Holme.

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IF £200m can be found to build a polar research vessel named after Sir David Attenborough, is it not high time that a replacement Royal Yacht was provided for Her Majesty?

A yacht similar in solid style to Britannia would, with attendant destroyer, provide
very appropriate accommodation on foreign visits for royalty, 
and perhaps even senior politicians.