YP Letters: Vince Cable has lost my vote for good

Sir Vince Cable is leader of the Lib Dems.Sir Vince Cable is leader of the Lib Dems.
Sir Vince Cable is leader of the Lib Dems.
From: Ian Smith, Colston Close, Bradford.

IT’S a pity about Sir Vince Cable. I once respected him, but no longer (The Yorkshire Post, September 19). He seemed to work well in the coalition, having an apparently well-balanced, common-sense, professional approach – and he’s still promoting seemingly sound policies.

But for me and my ilk, he’s now lost that praise following the contempt he’s demonstrating for the democracy we know; which is even more bizarre for a politician who’s in charge of a so-called democratic political party.

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The Lib Dems had their chance to improve democracy through the AV referendum in 2011 – albeit not their preferred system – and lost the vote. But they’ve monotonously kept trying again.

I voted for AV, but accepted the outcome, and I’ll not support proposals to re-enact a PR referendum, until at least a decade has elapsed.

For me, democracy has to be acceptance of a legitimate majority decision, not a preferred decision.

Today’s version of democracy is not the one I’ve supported throughout my life. So in future, although I will return ballot papers, they’ll very likely be unmarked, because, sadly, I don’t envisage ever again placing a cross in a box.