YP Letters: Why does MP have burned EU flag online?

From: Ged and Ken Cooper, Askham Lane, York.

What now for Brexit?

AN Italian friend of ours told us that she was feeling so insecure about Brexit that she is taking full British citizenship.

This will cost her over a thousand pounds. She has lived here for 20 years plus, worked and paid taxes and is married to an Englishman – but this doesn’t seem to count to the Home Office.

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We suggested she should contact her MP for advice and she raised her eyebrows.

She told us that her MP, Sir Greg Knight, MP for East Yorkshire, has a burned EU flag on his website. We were shocked and horrified, but it’s true. What an insult to our friends in the European Union.

I have written to Sir Greg asking him to remove this hateful symbol but so far have not had a reply.

We despair about our country when an MP thinks this is acceptable.

From: JA King, Thurgoland, Sheffield.

DEMOCRACY – I hear this word bandied about in the media and letters, but do we really get what we think it is. For example, in the last referendum all areas of England. with the exception of London, voted to leave the European Union.

In the House of Commons, many MPs from the regions are trying to scupper the Brexit and voting in Parliament against most of the exit Bills.

One has to ask the question, should these MPs be deselected at the next general election as they are not following the wishes of the voters in their constituency?

They obviously think that they are more intelligent than the general public but they were quite willing to accept their vote at the general election.

From: Terry Morrell, Willerby, Hull.

REGARDING the Leeds anti-Brexit march. It has all been said before, but they appear to have missed the message. We voted to leave the EU 21 months ago.

The EU bureaucracy is intent on punishing us for being “naughty”, so how would they treat us if decided to cower and ask to please stay?

Can these “Remoaners” not realise that it is their duty to get behind this country and be proud to “fly” the British flag?

From: Nick Martinek, Briarlyn Road, Huddersfield.

Apparently we aren’t capable of governing ourselves any more, so we need the EU to look after us. Or so Remainers tell us. Their propaganda is false, of course, but self-serving.

It lends a veneer of respectability to otherwise worthless EU bureaucracy, and disguises the really dangerous EU empire building.

It is typical of the EU: the pretty public face is provided to satisfy gullible Remainers, but what’s really going on is hidden.

Under the surface, the EU is institutionally corrupt.

The recent emergence of Martin Selmayr as Secretary-General of the of the European Commission illustrates EU corruption perfectly – it was without due process, and sweetened by pay-offs to retiring Commissioners.

Leading figures in and around the EU such as Christine Lagarde, Jean-Claude Juncker and now Nicolas Sarkozy are tainted by corruption. Thank God we are leaving this cesspit.

Cricketers in the dock

From: Pete Bancroft, Thornes, Wakefield.

AMID the fire storm engulfing Australian cricket, for which I do not have a scintilla of sympathy, two issues come to mind regarding the role of umpires.

Firstly, if the condition of the ball was being altered artificially, either in this latest Test or perhaps even before, why did the umpires not pick up on this as part of their regular inspections?

And secondly, why do they not take firm action to stamp out the boorish behaviour and vile abuse which masquerades under the heading of “sledging”? Are they not strong enough, or do they not think they will get backing from above?

The tragic death of Phillip Hughes was supposed to be a watershed moment regarding player behaviour, but has anything changed? Indeed, has it got worse? This is not, of course, to tar all international cricketers with the same brush, but there should be no place for those who persistently act outside the laws and spirit of the game.

Limiting air pollution

From: Simon Broadbent, Harrogate.

ATTENDING a speed awareness course, I was told by the instructor that the variable speed limits on motorways, such as the M62 and M1, can be reduced to deal with excess air pollution.

We were always told speed cameras were for safety purposes, but drivers could be getting speeding tickets because of a desire to reduce air pollution which has nothing to do with road safety.

I would suspect an enterprising lawyer could get all the tickets previously issued under these circumstances cancelled. This could be the next great mis-selling scandal.

No more signs – just action

From: Ross Murphy, Guiseley.

THANK you to Tom Richmond (The Yorkshire Post, March 24) for highlighting Leeds Council’s failed transport policies. We don’t need more unnecessary signs – we want main roads gritted and potholes repaired as a matter of urgency.