Pop star Curtis Stigers passes through Doncaster on train - and council turns up with cup of coffee for him

Curtis StigersCurtis Stigers
Curtis Stigers
Pop star Curtis Stigers was left feeling thirsty - after missing out on a cup of tea or coffee courtesy of Doncaster Council as he passed through the town on a train.

The jazz saxophone star was aboard a train on the East Coast Main Line this afternoon when he announced to his followers that he had arrived in Doncaster.

Doncaster Council's official Twitter feed spotted the arrival of the I Wonder Why singer's arrival in Doncaster and tweeted back: "We're on our way to meet you now for a cuppa. Tea or coffee?"

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But by the time they arrived, the star was already departed, further up the East Coast route on his way to Edinburgh for a music festival.

The council posted a video clip of a tray of drinks on a bench at Doncaster railway station and wrote: "We're ready when you are. Do you take milk? Curtis..... ......Curtis?"

The singer responded: "Sorry, dear. I just passed Durham Cathedral. It’s @EdinburghJazz or bust!

Referring to the lyrics of I Wonder Why, the council responded: "I wonder why we hold on, with tears in our eyes (Enjoy @EdinburghJazz! )."

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It is not the first time the council and Stigers have enjoyed a jokey exchange on social media.

Back in November, the American star became caught up in the council's light-hearted competition to come up with names for new gritting lorries.