Radio DJ apologises for lewd remarks on weather presenter

A BBC radio DJ has apologised after he was suspended for making "totally inappropriate" on-air remarks to Look North weather presenter Keeley Donovan.

Radio Leeds mid-morning presenter Alex Belfield made lewd comments about watching her TV broadcasts while sat at home.

He was strongly reprimanded by BBC bosses and suspended for a day as punishment.

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The 30-year-old freelance DJ, who also works as a stand-up comedian and celebrity interviewer, accepted that his comments were "totally inappropriate", a BBC spokeswoman said.

It is understood that his vulgar comments during his show annoyed and embarrassed BBC colleagues and attracted two complaints from listeners.

Belfield, 30, who hails from Mansfield and has worked at several radio stations, was not available for comment.

But on his own website he admits being known as "that annoying pillock on the wireless" by "many critics".

He says that working for the BBC has been a learning curve and "you do feel an incredible responsibility when you open your trap".

He adds: "Unlike in commercial radio where you can gobs***e about anything, you have to realise the power of your words and what you say." He said his show was the most listened to at Radio Leeds, having added 42,000 new listeners in the seven months he has been at the station.

A BBC spokeswoman said: "Alex Belfield has apologised unreservedly for comments he made to one of the BBC weather presenters and agrees that they were totally inappropriate. Action has been taken."