Residents back Harrogate street food festival

Harrogate residents are showing their support for the town's StrEat Food Festival.

No going back - Flashback to the days of the Harrogate StrEat Food Festival when it was held in the Valley Gardens.
No going back - Flashback to the days of the Harrogate StrEat Food Festival when it was held in the Valley Gardens.

After its organiser, independent Harrogate businesswoman Cathy McConaghy, announced the bank holiday event would be returning next year in its new home, readers posted their views to the Harrogate Advertiser Facebook page.

Stuart Pearson

Was there 2 days in a row and loved every minute of it. Food was lovely. Having drinks with family and friends, sat in the beautiful hot sun was a memorable experience. Plenty of space for kids To safely run around. We found some shade (those who were moaning because they couldn’t find shade were clearly not looking hard enough). Those who were unable to afford the food shouldn’t be going, but the reality was that the food wasn’t expensive considering the size of the portions. Congrats Cathy McConaghy for another successful event.

Sarah Cogdon

We came two days and thought it was fabulous! Loved the band, the bubbles, the junk instruments, helter skelter, carousel, Pimm's and the food, wished we had room to eat more. Also came with a caeliac and she was very happy she was well looked after! Thank you

John William Jakes

Brilliant event very much enjoyed it

Cathy McConaghy said the annual three-day feast of street food, family fun and live music had been a success this year - despite its move from its popular site at the town's Valley Gardens.

And she said the festival would be returning next year and it would be staying at its new location - the Yorkshire Event Centre at the Great Yorkshire Showground.

Cathy told the Harrogate Advertiser: "Overall the festival was a success. We had some amazing feedback about the event and looking forward to the next one...

"We’re very sorry about banning dogs but it’s the policy on the showground and we tried to let as many people know in advance as possible...

"In relation to food traders prices, we can’t set their prices but think that the public bought the most value for money. Over-priced traders didn’t do as well.

"We really have to get over Valley Gardens and move on. We gave the public a number of opportunities to speak up and support it but they didn’t.

"We can make this festival bigger and better with more flexibility and professional event teams.

"It was not a disaster by any stretch... we saw plenty of smiling faces!"

There were still some voices expressing their disatisfaction on the Harrogate Advertiser's Facebook page.

Phil Arrand

Not sure about all the other comments but i know this. I was sat on the train to Leeds yesterday and a woman on said train had a stand at this event and spent the whole journey complaining what a disaster this event was and how they had to write the whole thing off as a loss due to poor numbers. I think that may be more of an issue than how much the organiser took on the gate and selling pitches. Business will not show up to an event they wont make money on and word will get round

Benjamin Skinner

I loved it when it was in Valley Gardens. Shan't be paying entry for the whole family to the showgrounds, though.

Andy Pretty

A festival celebrating street food, not held in the streets. Morons.