South Leeds police warning over '˜suspicious incidents'

A warning has been issued about suspicious incidents linked to south Leeds homes with expensive cars parked outside.

Police are warning residents in south Leeds about 'suspicious incidents' in the area.

On one occasion a house was entered, car keys were taken and the Audi parked on the driveway was stolen.

West Yorkshire Police said there had been a small number of similar incidents in and around the Rothwell policing area.

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Attempts had been made to gain entry to houses with expensive cars parked on the driveway or the roadside outside.

A spokesman said: “Please make sure that your house doors are locked whether you are in or out and have all available security measures in place utilised such as house alarms.

“Patrols are ongoing in certain areas in an attempt to reduce the risk of any further incidents.

“We would urge members of the public to report any suspicious behaviour to the police using the non emergency number – 101. If a crime is taking place, please call 999.”