South Yorkshire fans rally around Peter Kay as he cancels UK tour

Peter Kay.Peter Kay.
Peter Kay.
South Yorkshire fans of comedian Peter Kay have rallied around him after he was forced to cancel his entire 100-date UK tour due to "unforeseen family circumstances."

The stand-up star was due to perform his first live dates in eight years - including a string of shows at Sheffield's FlyDSA Arena - across 2018-19 but shelved the tour this morning, citing personal reasons.

And fans have been quick to offer their support to the star in the wake of the cancellation.

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Sally Hooley wrote on Facebook: "As gutted as I am as I thought I was so lucky to have finally got tickets to see him later this year, we all are Peter Kay fans and love how much of a family man he is and would not of made this decision if it wasn't absolutely to Peter and his entire family."

Paige Holland added:"I'm gutted but I'd do same."

Sarah Jane Mannifield posted: "Gutted but rather him n his family be ok" while Jane Louise Kerridge agreed, writing: "Absolutely gutted but he's right family comes first."

Tracey Cooper: "Took us a full day to get (tickets). Must be serious tho for him to cancel everything."

Aidan Powell posted: "Always put family first is my motto. He has done the right thing in my opinion."

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Claire Ashton wrote: "Clearly he has something going on within his family, god forbid anyone slagging him off ever had anything wrong with someone in their family. Give the guy a break, at least he's given us all over a year's notice. Whatever it is hope him and his family are OK."

Some fans blasted those cricticising the star for cancelling his shows.

Jayne Black wrote: "It will be people who have not got a ticket or bought from ticket tout who has paid over the odds for the ticket and will never see their money again.

"I was going to see him, this was my xmas gift.but i'm not kicking off, he's a genuine bloke."

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Claire Ashton added: "We were going too, I really feel for him. The haters just need to get a grip."

Alison Smith wrote: "Oh dear, it must be something serious to cancel all the shows. Poor chap, I hope he and his family are OK. This was probably such a hard call to make but his family come first - good on him!"

Debra Michelle Kelly added: "Ahhh. It was not to be! Was so looking forward to seeing him live. But hey he is still here and not died. Hope the family problem is sorted out quickly for him. I respect him too for putting his family first, many would not."

Diane Mann wrote: "Oh no this is terrible, it doesn't sound good. I hope everyone accepts his sincere apologies and wishes him well in what must be a difficult time for him."

Karen Smith added: "Gutted. We were due to see him in May but family must always come first."