'Stop your son vandalizing or your property will also be damaged:' Sheffield mum contacts police after receiving threatening letter

A Sheffield mum has contacted police after receiving a letter which warned that her property would be damaged if her non-existent son didn't stop his vandalism.

The note sent to the home in Shiregreen. (Photo: Facebook).

Michelle Lister shared a photo of the note, littered with spelling mistakes, on Facebook after it turned up at her home in Shiregreen.

The note, written on a piece of white card, reads: "Stop your son vandalizing (sic) other people's property otherwize (sic) your property will also be damaged! Also!"

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The letter was sent to her home in Nethershire Lane, addressed to "the occupier."

Writing on her own Facebook page, she posted: "Recieved this letter this morning posted by Royal Mail.

"As most of you will be aware I don't have a son just a daughter which is the reason I'm posting this.

"I don't want someone coming to my family home and damaging it in any way as I have a young child to protect.

"Obviously this person has got the wrong address and I would like to make them aware of that before this turns into anything more than just a letter.

"Police also have been informed. Please share this post to inform the sender which I'm guessing is from the S5 Shiregreen area that I do not have a son and they have sent this to the wrong house."

The post has already been shared more than 250 times.