These are ten of the best vegan cafes and restaurants in Harrogate

Cutting out animal products from your diet can be difficult when you fancy going out for a meal or grabbing a snack with your coffee.

If you're going vegan, Harrogate is just the ticket.
Credit: Other
If you're going vegan, Harrogate is just the ticket. Credit: Other

But Harrogate has much more to offer vegans than meets the eye. In no particular order, here are ten of the best restaurants and cafes for plant-based yummy-ness in the town.

Zizzi has a whole separate menu just for vegans and it isn't all just hearty salads. The chain offers its customers delicious vegan pizzas and pasta dishes as well as a range of vegan desserts!
This independent business has been leading the way for vegan goodness for years. Whether you're looking for a quick snack from the shop on James Street or a proper sit down meal at the restaurant on Station Parade - they've got you covered.
Wagamama has been bringing us the variety of oriental foods for a long time but what some customers may not have realised is that many of the dishes by their nature are suitable for vegans - just ask your waiter for more info!
In the market for a pizza? Can't eat cheese? No problem. This lovely indie has got you covered, they have great deals on their pizzas and plenty for vegans and veggies to choose from.
Another indie business offering something for everyone. The Cats PJs has vegan curries galore and their bhajis are vegan too! But if you're not in the mood for Indian, visit their sister business, Iam Donner for a vegan kebab!
Baltzersen's has been offering vegan goods since before it was trendy. The staff here will be able to hook you up with a coffee with almost any milk alternative you need and they usually have something vegan in their baked goods too!
Fancy a nice long walk and a pub lunch, but you can't have a roast? Well this place has your back. They have a dedicated vegan menu too with loads of options and loads of desserts. Just ask your waiter for the menu.
Who would have thought that a restaurant with a Latin Amerincan menu - the champions of steak meat - would provide for plant-loving vegans?! But they do and their stuff is delicious!
Perhaps an unlikely candidate in the list of go-to vegan joints, but Wetherspoons will surprise you! They have lots on offer for vegans so if you're peckish next time you're having a pint, check the menu before you leave to grab a snack elsewhere.
Tucked away on Mount Parade, this place has rave reviews of its delicious Mediterranean, Turkish, and Middle Eastern foods. With both vegetarian and vegan friendly options, this is definitely one to try.