Top Harrogate Ex-Nightclubs Chart: Rebooted and expanded version!

The Harrogate Arms.The Harrogate Arms.
The Harrogate Arms.


Harrogate Arms. Crag Lane, Harrogate.


Flares. Parliament Street, Harrogate.


The Mix. Cheltenham Parade, Harrogate.


L'escalier. King's Road, Harrogate.


Club: The Old Bourbon. King's Road, Harrogate.


Club: Intercon. Copthall Towers, Station Parade, Harrogate.


Club: Carringtons. Station Parade, Harrogate.


Club: Ministry of Sound's Minibar. Parliament Street, Harrogate.


Club: Josephines. Commercial Street, Harrogate.


Zero. Station Parade, Harrogate.

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Our recent Top 6 Ex-Harrogate Nightclubs guide proved very popular, so much so that readers were inspired to dig out some of their own nightclubbing memories of clubs long gone in the days of late nights and hangovers.

Quite a few readers on Facebook posted they were fans of Eleven Club and the Harrogate Arms.

The Arms' very dark but relaxed basement was a well known haunt of alt, rock, grunge, indie and dance music fans in the 1990s.

It even had its own wonky minibus that took people for free from The Old Trad pub on Cold Bath Road up to the Arms off Otley Road.

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Interestingly, Jenny Bradley contacted us to tell us that Intercon/Annabella's was also known as Legends.

She added she was a big fan of the Eleven Club plus L'escalier and also the Harrogate Arms.

In fact, quite a few readers on Facebook posted they were fans of Eleven Club and the Harrogate Arms.

L'escalier was along from Jimmy's near the junction of King's Road and Parliament Street while the Harrogate Arms was based at Crag Lane near RHS Harlow Carr gardens.

Caroline Allen also threw The Mix into the, er , mix.

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Located, we think, just along from Pinocchio's restaurant (now Cardoman Black) on Cheltenham Parade, this short-lived club had an unusually good music policy (if we remember correctly!).

Other names dragged out of people's nightclub subconscious include the Bali Hai, which reportedly became Josephines (Darren Roberts remembers DJ-ing there), Gemini at the bottom of Station Parade which had a Northern Soul night, Legends, Cardinal Sins, and a few which were really bars rather than nightclubs such as The Glue Pot.

Bev Robinson remembers Picassos nightclub being below Pinocchio's.

Nicola Benson remember Flares, whose location, we reckon, was on Parliament Street where The Restaurant Bar & Grill is now.

Finallu, Katie Swannie suggests Bar Med, which night have been on Parliament Street near what is now Wetherspoons.

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