Top Ten mistakes novice female cheaters make

PUTTING your mobile phone your mobile phone off limits to your partner is the most obvious sign that you’re having an affair, according to a new survey.


Sigurd Vedal, founder of dating website Victoria Milan, said: “The results give first time cheaters a good idea of how their behaviour can be interpreted – and get them into trouble.”

The list of tell-tale signs in full...

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1. Your cellphone is now completely off limits for your partner (21%)

2. Taking more of an interest in your appearance (18%)

3. Making plans alone or with friends you’ve never heard of before (16%)

4. Being disproportionately excited and happy (15%)

5. Coming home late from work, and being difficult to contact (9%)

6. Sudden trend in concealing your feelings (7%)

7. Being sarcastic and indifferent towards the relationship (6%)

8. Loss of interest in your partner, and a resulting lack of affection (3%)

9. Flirting with more men, even friends of your partner (3%)

10. Losing your sexual appetite, and rejecting your partner (2%)