Sheffield Council issues clean air zone fine refunds because they had wrong time on them

A Yorkshire council has been forced to issue refunds to thousands of motorists fined for driving in its clean air zone - because they had the wrong time printed on them.

Sheffield Council's error at the end of March came because the cameras hadn't been updated when the clocks were changed for daylight saving time. The authority said around 4,700 Penalty Charge Notices were issued to motorists with the wrong time printed.

Journeys made into the clean air zone from Sunday, March 26 March to Thursday, April 6 were affected, as was one additional case on April 12. No other fines issued by the council are affected, the authority said.

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A spokesman for the council said: "The technical error occurred at a third-party supplier level when the clocks went forward from Greenwich Mean Time into British Summer Time. The council is now in the process of refunding all paid PCNs with the incorrect timestamp.

Sheffield Clean Air Zone came into force on February 27, 2023Sheffield Clean Air Zone came into force on February 27, 2023
Sheffield Clean Air Zone came into force on February 27, 2023

"For those who have already paid their PCN, the Council will retain the cost of the CAZ charge and refund the outstanding amount."

The city's clean air zone launched in February and charges heavily-polluting and commercial vehicles, including vans.

Drivers of non-compliant vans, LGVs and taxis must pay a daily charge of £10, whereas coaches, buses, lorries, and HGVs must pay £50. The fine for non-payment is £120, which is halved to £60 when paid within fourteen days Private passenger cars or motorcycles are exempt.