YP Letters: Trains will remain same until Government reverses privatisation

From: Mel Smart, Farsley.

Rail franchisees don't own stations.

THERE have been quite a few complaints lately regarding the railways and, in particular, the local franchise of Northern Rail. People do not seem to realise that the railways were privatised in 1993 into franchises.

Each of these were allocated a number of train coaches to run their services and none has been built since.

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The Northern fleet of trains were built in the 1980s and 
the question to ask yourself is “would I drive a car 35 years 

I suspect not. That is to say they are not dangerous, but do take a lot of maintaining.

The reason why Northern Rail is a shambles can be put down to the Thatcher government, followed by the Major government, which ran the railways down and did not invest in them.

All the train building companies were shut down through a lack of orders, and with them the expertise.

The electric trains which run on the Aire Valley services were built in Spain to a German design.

The train service will remain as it is until such time as the Government decides to build some more.

Bear in mind that franchisees are not allowed to own any vehicles nor are they allowed to own stations.