'Triple whammy' of cosmic events in Yorkshire's skies tonight

Stargazers will be treated to not one but three major astronomical events on Friday night.

A 'triple celestial' is expected, with a lunar eclipse, a full moon and a comet all expected to appear in the skies.

February's full moon is traditionally known as the snow moon, based on American traditions - and appropriately enough, it has been snowing in Yorkshire today.

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This year, it will coincide with a penumbral lunar eclipse, meaning it will be almost completely submerged in shade as the Earth passes between the sun and the moon.

The surface of the moon will appear much darker than during other lunar eclipses.

And just to add more excitement, a New Year comet, which has been seen around the world since December, will make its closest approach to our planet since 2011. It will still be 7.4million miles away, but close enough to be viewed through a telescope or binoculars. We won't see it again until 2022.

The best time to view the event will be mid-eclipse at 12.45am, though the eclipse will begin at 10.34pm on Friday and end at 2.53am on Saturday morning.

Unfortunately, cloudy skies are forecast for Yorkshire this evening - but let's hope for a gap in the clouds to witness this rare sight.