Victim of torture robbery had throat cut

A businessman was repeatedly tortured to get his bank card details and then nearly decapitated in a brutal murder at his home, police said yesterday.

Alan Wood, 50, had his hands bound with tape before being repeatedly stabbed in the head at his bungalow in the remote village of Lound, near Bourne in Lincolnshire.

The horrific attack last October could have lasted three days, his attacker, or attackers, leaving the bungalow to try to access his bank cards and then returning to continue the torture.

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Mr Wood finally died after having his throat slashed, by which time a few hundred pounds had been taken from his accounts.

Eleven attempts had been made to withdraw money but only two were successful.

Police have also revealed Mr Wood's body was mutilated after his death, possibly for "gratification".

Det Supt Stuart Morrison, who is leading the murder investigation, said he now had a full DNA profile of one of the killers.

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A 60,000 reward is on offer for information leading to a successful conviction.

He said: "In my 24 years I have seen a lot of severe injuries inflicted in the furtherance of homicide but I have never seen anything like this.

"It is a complex and sizeable investigation and we are moving towards finding the person responsible. We are moving a step closer every day but this is a very challenging investigation.

"Somebody knows something and with one phone call we can solve this murder. We will find the person who has done this, make no mistake."

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Mr Wood, who was divorced and had his own garden business, was found by worried friends on October 24 last year.

It is thought he knew his killer or killers as there was no sign of forced entry in to his home. Detectives are also investigating whether they were from abroad.

Police believe there was a second motive and that they were not just after Mr Wood's money.