Video: A manufacturer drafted in a team of OAPs to become the only company in the WORLD to be producing a vinyl jukebox

The first commercially available vinyl playing jukebox in 20 years has been unveiled by Sound Leisure, a musical manufacturing company, who drafted in a production team of pensioners to help work the aged mechanisms.

The company, based in Leeds, West Yorks., will go into production of the ‘Rocket Jukebox’ this summer after its prototype was unveiled at the Classic Car Show to the admiration of vinyl lovers old and new. But unless you’re already an established rockstar, or just live for the music, each jukebox will set you back a cool £8,000. Managing Director of family-run business Sound Leisure, Chris Black, 46, said: “We are officially now the only jukebox manufacturer in the world to now be producing a vinyl jukebox - and its fantastic.

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