Watch: Hilarious spoof trailer about Ripon's sinkholes

Ripon was described as "the sinkhole capital of the UK" in a recent documentary series, and it can be easy to worry about when the next one will open up.

The sinkhole that opened up behind Ripon Sainsbury's.

But production company, Nobody Films, has found a way of bringing some humour to the situation, by producing a spoof film trailer which shows some of Ripon's shops and businesses being dramatically swallowed up by more sinkholes.

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Ripon Sainsbury's remains closed after a sinkhole opened up behind the store earlier this week.

Nobody Films said on their Facebook page: "Our latest short film is on the topical subject of Ripon Sainsbury's closing due to a sinkhole. Written, filmed and edited in three days, this is a mock trailer for a movie we haven't made. All for fun. Enjoy and share if you will."