Best places along the Yorkshire coast to escape the extreme heat - from Forge Valley to Memorial Gardens

With the country being gripped by the hottest temperatures its ever seen, experts have compiled a list of the shadiest spots on the Yorkshire coast you can visit this weekend.

Temperatures are set to soar over the weekend, so much that the Met Office has issued a red weather warning for the first time as highs of 30C forecast are expected next week.

With various warnings to stay safe during the heat, including avoiding basking in the sun for long periods of time, Route YC, a tourism experience website along the Yorkshire coast, has shared its best shaded spots families can visit over the weekend.

Route YC spans six driving, cycling and walking routes across Bridlington, Filey, Hornsea, Scarborough, Whitby and Withersea.

The Mallyan Spout Hotel in Goathland. (Pic credit: Gary Longbottom)

There are a variety of stunning beaches to explore for all ages. However, families with young children and older people will be safer finding a quiet, shady spot this weekend as temperatures increase.

So here are five beautiful shady places to visit with your family and friends to avoid the searing heat.

Hayburn Wyke Waterfall

Situated between Scarborough and Whitby, nestled inside an isolated cove, Hayburn Wyke Waterfall is easily reachable through shaded woodland, down onto a pebble shore.

It’s an idyllic place to cool down on sunny days, take a picnic and watch the water crash onto the rocky beach.

Memorial Gardens, Hornsea

With the vibrant green lawns, shady trees and easy access to the beautiful beach, you can enjoy a heat protected weekend away.

It’s the perfect place to feel the cold breeze hit your face while sitting, relaxing and watching the world go by.

Bridlington Old Town Priory Green

Close to eateries and local pubs like The Bull and Sun, and The Star, here you will find lots of shade. This location is where the heritage landmarks are, including the Bridlington Priory, which dates back to 1113 AD.

The high street is filled with traditional shops, cafes and restaurants to run into to escape the heat and to allow nostalgia to kick in.

Forge Valley Nature Reserve

If people want to enjoy the weekend in the shade, this peaceful walk and cycling route will allow visitors to remain under the tree canopies out of direct sunlight.

It is a fresh and vibrant place for natural flora and wildlife, with a lot of adjoining trails - including a geology trail that takes you through the woods.

Mallyan Spout Waterfall

Here, you can enjoy the best of both worlds; if you want to make the most of the sun, there are a mixture of walks for most levels and accessibility.

The stunning waterfall, Mallyan Spout, rises from the springs in the moorland near the picturesque village of Goathland, where visitors can spend some time in the shade.