Will the warm weather return to Yorkshire over the weekend?

After a week of what can only be described as unremarkable weather, everyone is looking forward to some more warm temperatures.

We have been teased with a few days of tropical temperatures here and there, the Bank Holiday weekend being a particular highlight, but just as we're wearing in our sandals and flip flops, a downpour of rain and chillier weather strikes, forcing the jumpers and coats back out of the wardrobe.

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But there is good news on the horizon. The temperature is set to rise over the weekend, making it significantly warmer than we have experienced in the last few days, reaching its peak on Monday.

Will be seeing more scenes like this over the weekend?
Will be seeing more scenes like this over the weekend?

Couple that with prolonged sunny spells that experts are predicting and it sounds like the region is going to experience a decent weekend weather-wise.

Here's you day-by-day weather forecast:

Friday: Tomorrow should start with sunny spells which will last until around mid-day, according to the Met Office. From there some cloud will start to appear but the temperature will continue to rise, hitting its height at around 3pm when it will be 17C.

What the Met Office says about Friday:

"After another cold start, a warmer day with only fair weather cloud developing, and winds remaining light. Sunshine may turn hazy as high level cloud increases from the northwest later. Maximum temperature 19 °C."

Saturday: The high on Saturday will be around 19C, which should feel significantly warmer than anything experienced since last weekend. The hottest part of the day will be in the mid-afternoon after once again starting off sunny before clouding over.

Sunday: The warmest day of the weekend with highs of a whopping 20C predicted in the county. The day will follow the pattern of the previous two with sunny spells earlier before cloud covers through the afternoon.

What the Met Office says about Saturday and Sunday:

"Dry and fine on Saturday, Cloudier on Sunday and feeling cooler as fresher south westerly winds develop. Cloudy on Monday, but winds will have eased."