Yorkshire sees hottest day as UK temperatures exceeded 40C for first time on record

It is officially the hottest day on record in Yorkshire.

At midday, temperatures at Humberside Airport were 37C, it was 36C at Coningsby, Holbeach and Hull, Sheffield saw temperatures of 25C and Bradford saw temperatures of 34C, according to BBC weatherman Paul Hudson.

Across the country, temperatures exceeded 40C in the UK for the first time on record.

A temperature of 40.2C reported at Heathrow at 12.50pm on Tuesday, according to provisional Met Office figures.

Climate change is making heatwaves more extreme, frequent and likely, and experts warn the UK needs to adapt homes, hospitals, schools and transport networks to a future of more searing heat.

Much of Europe is also baking in record-breaking heat, which is fuelling wildfires in a number of countries.

Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said it is “extraordinarily unusual” to see temperatures in the 30s by the morning rush-hour in the UK.

She said the high overnight temperatures had led to a very warm start to the day, and added: “We’re looking at the maximum temperatures somewhere between 40C-41C, and that’s looking to be across the Lincolnshire and Yorkshire region.”

Across the country, temperatures exceeded 40C in the UK for the first time on record.

Britons have been urged to stay inside during the hottest period of the day, between 11am and 4pm, and wear sun cream, a hat, stay in the shade and keep hydrated with water – and there are warnings about swimming in lakes, rivers and reservoirs.

The Met Office has also issued a yellow warning for heavy showers and thunderstorms over much of the South East and eastern England which may bring disruption during Wednesday afternoon, as temperatures drop for their current searing highs.