Yorkshire weather: Amber heat warning issued by Health Security Agency as 'significant impact' expected due to warm weather

An amber warning has been issued by the country’s health agency due to the warm weather, which is set to continue for most of the week.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) rates the danger caused by warm weather, and it has been increased to amber level due to the continuing warm weather. Temperatures have been in the high 20s since the weekend, with the mercury set to peak at 29C on Thursday and Friday.

The UKHSA has issued a warning to say significant impacts are likely across the health and social caresector, while there could also be delays for travellers, particularly on public transport.

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The general overview statement issued by the UKHSA, upon increasing the warning level to amber, said: “Significant impacts are probable across the health and social care sector due to the high temperatures, including: observed increase in mortality across the population likely, particularly in the 65+ age group or those with health conditions, but impacts may also be seen in younger age groups; increased demand for remote health care services likely; internal temperatures in care settings (hospitals and care homes) may exceed recommended threshold for clinical risk assessment; impact on ability of services to be delivered due to heat effects on workforce possible and many indoor environments likely to be overheating, risk to vulnerable people living independently in community as well as in care settings; medicines management issues; staffing issues due to external factors (e.g. transport); cross system demand for temporary AC capacity being exceeded possible and other sectors starting to be observe impacts (e.g. travel delays).”

Residents enjoyed a glorious start to the week as temperatures reached as high as 27C.Residents enjoyed a glorious start to the week as temperatures reached as high as 27C.
Residents enjoyed a glorious start to the week as temperatures reached as high as 27C.

The Met Office’s forecast for the rest of the week says: “Early mist and low cloud burning back to the coast through the morning, then fine dry and very warm once again inland. Lighter winds.

"Predominantly dry and very warm with long sunny spells throughout. Some overnight mist and fog remains possible and the risk of a shower increases into the weekend. Warm by night.”

The warm weather is set to continue into the weekend and next week, although stormy showers could bring cooler temperatures to Yorkshire by the end of next week.

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