Yorkshire weather forecast: Leeds, Sheffield, York, Hull - whole county set for glorious sunshine and it could last for months

Weather forecasts for Yorkshire show that in the coming days the rain will ease as sunshine takes over for most of the county, and weather forecast experts believe the hot weather could last for months.

A band of rain currently giving gardeners a lift as it offers lawns and flower beds a much-needed drink will pass towards the end of the week, bringing in some settled weather conditions as we head into the weekend and into next week.

Temperatures according to the Met Office, will burst through 20C in some parts of the country this weekend, so people will be thinking about dusting off the barbecue and getting an order in at the local butchers - shopping local is always the best bet.

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In addition, expert weather forecasters who analyse weather patterns and make predictions from the data - mainly so that Governments, local authorities and those who must make contingency plans for certain weather scenarios - have stated: "the chance of this forthcoming three-month period being hot is higher than normal."

Warnings have already been issued regards the impact of the heatwave - which, at present is twice as likely to materialise as it usually is at this time of year, according to the Met Office - and those who suffer or must make allowances for the impact of a heatwave are being advised to plan ahead.

Worryingly, in relation to climate change, one of the data sets that is influencing the three-month outlook for weather in the UK, according to the report which can be found online HERE is above average sea surface temparatures in waters around the UK.

Scenes like this on a Scarborough beach are within touching distance and according to a long-range forecast on the Met Office website, the hot weather could be with us for three months.
Get ready for ice cream and sun hats as the rain clears to give way for a prolonged period of settled weather.