Yorkshire weather: Warm weather set to finally arrive in time for Bank Holiday weekend

Temperatures in Yorkshire are finally set to rise - just in time for this weekend's Bank Holiday.

The weather is set to get much warmer in time for the Bank Holiday
The weather is set to get much warmer in time for the Bank Holiday

It's been a somewhat wet spring so far across most of the country, while temperatures have been below average for much of April and May.

However, much better weather is on it's way for the Bank Holiday weekend.

The sunshine and showers we've had for the last few weeks is set to continue until the weekend, when the weather will clear and the sun will come out - in time for temperatures to hit the low 20s on Monday.

The Met Office forecast for the rest of the week says Thursday will be a 'bright and sunny day with light winds' with prolonged spells of sunshine making it feel warm, while the temperature will hit 17 degrees.

"The weekend will be dry, bright and feeling warm, but maybe cloudy along the coastlines overnight," it added.

And after a warm start to next week, the unsettled weather will return before becoming something close to what we expect by mid-June.

Forecasters said: "High pressure will initially be dominant over the UK, with many areas experiencing warm, dry and sunny weather on Sunday and Monday, however, outbreaks of rain are signalled to gradually move in from the northwest on Monday, marking a change to more unsettled conditions.

"Showers are likely to be widespread through the middle part of next week, many of which could be heavy and there is a risk of thunderstorms, more so in central and southeastern areas.

"Prolonged spells of rain are possible at times too. There will be some drier and brighter intervals but in general temperatures will be slightly below average during this unsettled period. By the end of the period, more settled conditions are expected to return and temperatures should recover to back average."