West Yorkshire Fire Service recruits new firefighters for the second time in eight years

Fancy a career as a firefighter?

Could you be a firefighter?
Could you be a firefighter?

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service is recruiting for only the second time in eight years this spring.

Applications for trainee firefighters open in March, and interest is expected to be high.

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Last year, a new intake of 24 entrants was selected from over 6,000 initial applicants for the first time since 2010.

There will be several taster sessions running before the application deadline, and potential recruits have been encouraged to work on their fitness ahead of a series of rigorous tests.

Station manager Laura Boocock, who is in charge of the recruits teams at WYFRS Headquarters, said:

“Although we had an overwhelming response last year from people wanting to become a firefighter, it was quite striking how many people underestimated how tough the entry tests are.

“We pride ourselves on being a first class, modern fire and rescue service and, quite simply, we want the best of the best. If you want to become a firefighter, you have to be prepared. You must work not only on your fitness, but your strength and grip strength."

The force has started an Instagram fitness vlog offering practical training tips at @wyfrs.

"You will need mental strength. I have noticed that many people who play sports excel at this, because they have the mental resilience to push themselves in incredibly challenging situations. Those who play team sports are often great candidates, as they know how to work as a team.

“I would also urge women and people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds to have a go! It’s unfortunate that many people see firefighters as the stereotypical macho man, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The modern fire and rescue service works on a team ethos and we value all skills, abilities, shapes, sizes and strengths. You could be extremely valuable to us and enjoy a wonderful career.“

For the most up-to-date information about applying, visit www.joinwyfirefighters.com